Ceramic Disk Replacement Instructions

Mist Maker Maintenance.
After operating the mist unit for some time, you may notice a decrease in the
amount of mist produced, or it may stop working altogether. At that time, you
should either clean or replace the ceramic disc.
There are two different size ceramic disks on the market, sizes
20mm (about 3/4 inch), and a smaller one 16mm (little less than 5/8 inch), make su re
you get the right one for your fountain.
Follow the instruction below to change the ceramic disc
1. Unplug the fountain power and remove fogger from the water bowl, dry it with a
soft cloth.
2. Using the key tool, insert the key into the winding ring and turn counter
3. Remove the winding ring, and ceramic disc. IMPORTANT, note that there
is a front and back to the ceramic disc. Be sure to reinstall the correct side down, bla ck
ring side facing down.
4. Clean mineral deposits from the ceramic with a soft cloth and reinstall it or
proceed to install a new ceramic disk in the reverse order of the above.
5. The inside area of the mister must be completely dry before the ceramic disc are

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